Please provide us with the following information when submitting an inquiry, and someone from the Trefler’s team will help you determine the next steps.

Please describe your item(s) in as much detail as possible. Information such as dimensions, what materials the item is made of (i.e. wood, plaster, porcelain), and your item’s current condition are all very helpful for our experts to make an accurate estimate.

We suggest providing at least three .jpg images per item. These should include; one image of the entire object, and detailed views of the area(s) of damage and/or pieces. 

If you are submitting an inquiry for painting restoration, please provide an additional photograph of the back of the canvas.

Our team will review all inquiries and assess the best course of action to suit your needs.

We look forward to hearing from you.


Hands on Advice

Trust Your Heirlooms to Trefler’s Furniture Reupholstery and Repair

From damaged antique chairs to formal dining tables marred by dark water stains, no piece of furniture can withstand all of life’s wear and tear. The great news is that these pieces can take on new lives with our high-quality furniture refinishing or reupholstery services in Newton, Massachusetts

What Is Furniture Reupholstery?

You’ll come across two similar terms here: furniture upholstery and furniture reupholstery. The first indicates that the furniture piece – often a bench or chair – has never been covered in fabric before, or has never had padded seating before. Reupholstery, on the other hand, means removing and replacing the existing fabric covers on sofas, benches, chairs, chaises, stools and other pieces. Sometimes your furniture needs more than just reupholstery; that’s when we add related services like replacing soiled cushion stuffing, repairing damaged legs or arms, or restaining the wooden frame. We’re ready to offer whatever service your furniture needs.

Our Services

Complete Restoration

We remove water stains, scuff marks, gouges and other blemishes. We also reupholster according to necessity or your personal preference, repair damaged parts, restore veneer and inlays, fix caning and rush weaving, and repair water or flood damage.

Complete Furniture Refinishing

We remove the finish on your furniture pieces, whether it is paint, shellac, lacquer, varnish or another finishing material. We also prepare the surface for new staining and apply the material of your choice. Sealing and hand polishing smoothes the surface and protects it from damage.

Furniture Modifications

If you love your wooden furniture but find that it’s not quite as functional or aesthetically pleasing as it once was, consider bringing it in for modification service. We can modify the appearance or structure of your furniture and help give it a new purpose in your home.

Custom Furniture Color Matching

For one-of-a-kind antiques, you could spend countless hours trying to match up a furniture color. At Trefler’s, we color-match your custom furniture with ease. Each piece of furniture returns to you with seamless blending and a beautiful finish.

Furniture Stripping

By stripping furniture of paint, varnish or other materials, we reveal the natural wood underneath. Often we combine this service with refinishing, where we stain or otherwise color the wood and then seal in the new finish.

Professional Furniture Upholstery

Turn to our skilled professionals for high-quality furniture reupholstery in Newton, MA. We examine your furniture and either upholster or reupholster with the fabric of your choice. We also fix cushion padding and seat supports.

Furniture Repairs

From broken chair legs to missing cabinet drawers, repairs come in all shapes and sizes. Our conservators work hard to return your cherished furniture pieces to their original condition, locating or replicating whatever hasn’t stood the test of time. Turn to Trefler’s for wood furniture repair in Massachusetts.

Residential and Commercial Furniture Projects

We work with individuals and businesses in need of furniture repair and restoration services. As experts in our field, we know how to handle a project of any size, and we work with you to find the desired level of restoration. From residential furniture projects such as family heirloom armoires and comfortable reading chaises to commercial projects such as restaurant dining booths, office conference tables and reception stands, our portfolio of restored pieces speaks for itself.

Why hire us for your furniture reupholstery project?

When you trust your furniture to the experts at Trefler’s, you know each item will receive the very best care, whether it needs refinishing, restoration, reupholstery or another of our many specialties. In business since 1921, we’re ready to assist with restoring and repairing the furniture you love. For modern or antique furniture restoration in Newton, MA, just reach out to the experts. We’ll take it from there.

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