Please provide us with the following information when submitting an inquiry, and someone from the Trefler’s team will help you determine the next steps.

Please describe your item(s) in as much detail as possible. Information such as dimensions, what materials the item is made of (i.e. wood, plaster, porcelain), and your item’s current condition are all very helpful for our experts to make an accurate estimate.

We suggest providing at least three .jpg images per item. These should include; one image of the entire object, and detailed views of the area(s) of damage and/or pieces. 

If you are submitting an inquiry for painting restoration, please provide an additional photograph of the back of the canvas.

Our team will review all inquiries and assess the best course of action to suit your needs.

We look forward to hearing from you.



    Trefler’s legacy

    Trefler’s has been owned and operated by the Trefler family since 1921, when Abraham Trefler launched a small business building and restoring furniture in Germany. a century later, Trefler’s is still committed to providing the finest restoration services possible, combining traditional craftsmanship with current leading conservation methods.

    Meet our team

    Our ability to deliver the finest results rests in the hands of our experts. Trained across a multitude of specialties, our artists work collaboratively, each lending their extensive knowledge and skill to yield the best repair possible.

    Chief operating officer

    Paul McCarthy

    Paul McCarthy is Trefler’s Chief Operating Officer. Having joined Trefler’s over 35 years ago, Paul has been an integral part of the company’s growth over the last three decades. Starting out as a restorer himself, Paul began his career with Trefler’s when it was still operating with just two specialists in a modest 1,200 square foot studio space. Today, Trefler’s full-service facilities proudly operate within a 10,000 square foot studio, employing over a dozen, incredibly talented team members.

    Paul’s personal relationship and appreciation for antiques, craftsmanship, and family heirlooms was instilled in him at an early age by his mother’s love of decorative objects and the arts.

    Because of this connection, Paul explains the reward that comes with each successfully treated object. “My enjoyment is in hearing the stories behind the items that come in, since most are restored for sentimental reasons, and seeing our client’s satisfaction and surprise when they get their items back.”

    Vice President
    Head Conservator

    Laura Sheehan-McDonald

    Laura has been with Trefler’s for over 20 years. As both Vice President and Head Conservator, Laura leads the studio, the artists and the logistics alongside executing a workload of regular restoration projects. 

    Specializing in painting, color matching and faux painting, Laura works primarily within the the Decorative Arts and Furniture Departments on restorations that require refinishing, in-painting, faux-finishing and gilding. 

    She graduated from the New England School of Art and Design, with a focus in Fine Arts and painting. Since, she has undergone apprenticeships with senior conservators at Trefler’s, as well as additional training in frame restoration techniques and gilding at the Elliot School.  

    She approaches every project with a single question and a mission in mind, asking “how do we maintain as much of the original piece as possible,” while creating a flawless result.


    Head Furniture Conservator
    Art Display consultant

    Bernard Murphy

    Bernard Murphy is Head Conservator for Trefler’s Furniture Restoration Department, where he specializes in structural and cosmetic repairs, as well as designing and fabricating custom furniture, art displays and frames. 

    Bernard joined Trefler’s nearly five years ago, prior to which he spent two decades as a high-end art framer. In his words, “For me, the transition to restoration came from a desire to use these skills on a full-time basis.” His woodworking and hand-finishing skills allows him to engineer tailored solutions for framing, art displays, and modification of furniture.

    Bernard has been working with wood since age seven, through personal and professional exploration of the material, he has developed an impressive breadth of knowledge, skill and craftsmanship that is apparent in each project he approaches. 


    Senior Furniture Conservator

    Chris Keiffer

    Chris Keiffer is a Senior Conservator for Trefler’s Furniture Restoration Department. He works primarily on structural repairs and finishing furniture and antiques.

    Chris trained with the Furniture Institute of Massachusetts, and has been an integral part of Trefler’s furniture restoration department since 2014/

    In his words, “one of my favorite things to do is to work on very old pieces of furniture. I like to try to save the original wood and finishes as much as possible. When necessary, I attempt to reproduce and repair any damaged or missing pieces in a manner as close to how they were originally done as possible.”


    Senior Conservator
    Decorative Arts & Books

    Sarah Robison

    Sarah Robison is Senior Conservator in Trefler’s Decorative Arts & Books Department. She has been with Trefler’s for over 26 years and specializes in a wide variety of materials, including porcelain, ceramic, glass, marble, frames, bound materials and books.

    Raised in a craft oriented family, Sarah began developing hand skills and structural ability from an early age. Her formal training includes a Bachelor’s in Studio Art, as well as a two year program in Bookbinding and Book Conservation at the North Bennet Street school in Boston. 

    In Sarah’s words, “I particularly like the challenge of putting something together that has been broken into many pieces. It’s satisfying to take something that is pretty much a pile of shards and see it start to take shape and then become whole again. For books, I really enjoy working on cloth case books. And I also love that many of the books I restore are sentimental, like children’s books and cookbooks.” 


    Director of sales

    Kody Kirkland

    Kody is Trefler’s Director of Sales and has been with Trefler’s for nearly 3 years. His primary role is working directly with clients to assess on-site damage as result of fire and water claims. 

    Kody graduated from Massachusetts College of Art and Design with a focus in Photography. His interest in historic techniques in film encourage him to learn more about restoration, particularly in regards to photography conservation. 

    In addition to his role as Sales Director, Kody enjoys taking on select projects involving photography restoration, both digitally and print. In his words, “I really enjoy digital restoration on photographs, especially when the customer has lost hope that it can be fixed, and we can bring it back to life for them.” 


    Sales Account Manager

    Marilyn Cruickshank

    Marilyn has worked as Sales Account Manager for Trefler’s since 2019. Her part time role includes handling the behind-the-scenes details of many client projects, including scheduling home & claim inspections, on-site restoration services, art handling, and installation work. 

    Along with Kody, Marilyn regularly works with insurance agents, public adjusters, moving and relocation companies, interior decorators and designers, concierge services, and online re-sellers to manage projects involving their clients. “Our team approach, as well restoring cherished possessions for those affected by life-altering events are a rewarding combination.” 

    Marilyn has a background in education and museum work, and in addition to her time at Trefler’s, she is a professional organizer and owner of Creative Simplicity Organizing & Productivity.


    Office Manager

    Allison Cook

    Allison Cook joined Trefler’s as Office Manager in 2019. In her words “my brother in Kansas sent me the job posting and I applied immediately, with great interest, on a Saturday afternoon. The job fit was right, and here I am, Office Manager in a busy restoration studio. Collecting ideas and information, sorting, organizing and in general figuring out priorities – these are the kinds of activities I enjoy.” 

    Allison’s experience includes working within the Media Department of the New England Aquarium, the Print Department of the Boston Public Library as well as volunteering with the Museum of Science’s Collection Department for over five years. Her varied background also includes working for over three years as an Auction Assistant at Skinner.


    Art Handler
    lighting & glass Specialist

    Jim McKeown

    As Trefler’s lead art handler, Jim handles all of Trefler’s logistics for all of the items that come through the studio, including packing, handling and transportation of artworks and objects. His care and interest in restoration has led him to learn more about electrical and lighting repair, glass grinding and photo restoration. 

    Jim’s educational background includes a BFA in Film and Video Production. His studies and interest in the arts and media encouraged him to join Trefler’s. In his words, “What drew me to restoration was the attention to craft it requires – while still being a creative process.” 

    “The projects that stand out are those that seemed impossible to bring back to life, but with teamwork and everyone’s knowledge at Trefler’s, we were able to restore it beyond our own imaginations.”