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We suggest providing at least three .jpg images per item. These should include; one image of the entire object, and detailed views of the area(s) of damage and/or pieces. 

If you are submitting an inquiry for painting restoration, please provide an additional photograph of the back of the canvas.

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    Hands on Advice

    The Importance of Collecting and Preserving Your Family Heirlooms

    In today’s modern age filled with shifting trends in style and design, many people are doing away with all of their old artwork and furniture for a more minimalistic lifestyle. Part of this transition has meant individuals have begun selling or trashing their old family heirlooms and antique furniture in exchange for a more modern look and feel. However, while modernization and relevancy have its place in society, it’s important to remember that style and design tends to shift full circle, and what was once considered old and outdated can also be regarded as vintage and unique. With this understanding, it’s important to remember that collecting, keeping and restoring your artwork, furniture, and other family heirlooms is an essential step in preserving history for future generations. Trefler’s is a conservation and restoration service company in Boston with the tools and experience necessary to preserve your important family history. Here are some reasons why it’s important to think twice before getting rid of your antique furniture, artwork, and other aged keepsakes.

    Family Memories That Last

    When most people think about their past, they typically glance at pictures they have saved on their computers or mobile devices. However, tangible items like antique furniture and artwork have so much more meaning and bring your memories to life. Preserving these heirlooms is a great way to share your family history with future generations by having something that can be seen and touched.

    Save Your Money

    Redecorating your home can get expensive quick. Rather than spending thousands of dollars on new home decor, however, you should look for opportunities to restore your current look. Restoring antique armoires, furniture, artwork, and bookcases can be a great way to save money and have a unique home decor all at the same time. Trefler’s has a methodical approach to the preservation of your antique furniture and heirlooms and can help you sustain their value over time.

    Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

    One of the significant benefits of holding on to your heirlooms is the reduction of your carbon footprint. When you discard old furniture and other antique items, local dumps fill up quickly and can be damaging to the environment. By saving and restoring your old things rather than trashing them, you’ll be keeping your house eco-friendly and reducing waste.

    Maintain a Unique and Vintage Style

    A “modern design” doesn’t necessarily mean a “new design.” There is a rising trend in older technology, artwork, and furniture being used by younger generations wishing to hold on to their history. You can support this initiative by looking for opportunities to showcase your family heirlooms and artwork around your house. You may be surprised how much value others would put on these items, and they should be proudly displayed wherever applicable.

    An Investment for Your Children

    Most people are not aware of how valuable some of their family heirlooms are. Getting rid of such items before they are adequately appraised can be a mistake. Keeping your antique furniture and artwork as an investment for future generations is a great way to share your memories and preserve your family history. Over the years, we all collect items that we use for a brief period and then rarely use again. In some case, it just makes sense to get rid of some things that keep piling up in our homes. However, when it comes to our family heirlooms, it’s essential that we look for as many opportunities as we can to preserve their history and keep them as part of our lives. Trefler’s believes in preserving your history and encourages you to stop by their studio in the Boston area to see firsthand how they can restore your collectibles using modern technology and century-old techniques. Doing so will ensure future generations can enjoy these antiques as much as we have and tell our stories for years to come.

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