Please provide us with the following information when submitting an inquiry, and someone from the Trefler’s team will help you determine the next steps.

Please describe your item(s) in as much detail as possible. Information such as dimensions, what materials the item is made of (i.e. wood, plaster, porcelain), and your item’s current condition are all very helpful for our experts to make an accurate estimate.

We suggest providing at least three .jpg images per item. These should include; one image of the entire object, and detailed views of the area(s) of damage and/or pieces. 

If you are submitting an inquiry for painting restoration, please provide an additional photograph of the back of the canvas.

Our team will review all inquiries and assess the best course of action to suit your needs.

We look forward to hearing from you.


    Hands on Advice

    Spring Cleaning: Repairing the Stained, the Chipped and the Tarnished Left Behind from this Winter Season

    With the Spring season upon us, we look in our closets, cabinets, and cupboards to clean out those items damaged during dinner parties and long weekend afternoons spent indoors. Wine glasses scratched from holiday entertaining, well-loved teacups with chipped rims, dining room and side tables stamped with ring marks are among just a few of the Spring-time repairs we undertake for our clients at Trefler’s. While discarding of damaged pieces is at times appropriate, many can be remedied and enjoyed for years to come.

    Candle Wax Removal

    Long, tapered candlesticks are a mainstay of holiday table settings, and while they create a warm mood, their presence is often not soon forgotten once they’ve been stored for the next seasonal soirée. Wax spills can damage the finish on wood or painted dining room tables, and appropriate removal and cleaning is important to prevent further surface damage. Our team of trained restorers at Trefler’s have done countless wax removal projects from items including: furniture, antique books, and upholstery.

    Ring Marks

    Ring marks left from condensation is unfortunately an all too common worry for owners of wooden, lacquered, and painted furniture. While these unsightly marks left from entertaining or just plain personal mishaps might illicit panic – cue flashback of Monica on the sitcom Friends – one of our trained restorers can easily resolve the issue.

    Tarnished Silverware and Serving Pieces

    Using heirloom silver is a wonderful way of continuing family traditions, however, our busier, modern lifestyles are not always conducive to caring for these items. Silver in particular necessitates time consuming polishing, care and storage to maintain its sheen and protect it from deterioration. It is imperative to properly clean and store silverware and serving pieces after use to ensure that when they are taken out next, they are free from rust and tarnish, which can irreversibly damage them over time.

    Chipped Glass and Crystal

    Chipped rims on glass and crystal drinkware and serving ware can be ground or filed to restore edges completely. Instead of throwing away these items, bring them in and our team of specialists will extend their useful life for years to come.

    For more information on our restoration and conservation services, click the link below or call us at (617) 965-3388. We look forward to hearing from you.

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