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Material Matters

Silver Hygiene – Caring for Your Silver

Historically, silver as a material was coveted for its inherent hygienic properties. Antibacterial and antimicrobial by nature, silverware was regarded a luxury in part of course for its value, but also for its ability to prevent illness.
While silver adds a little extra to family gatherings around the dinner table, it gets seldom use as it’s often perceived as overly precious and hard to care for. At Trefler’s, we encourage you and your family to enjoy your silver flatware all year round; in fact, with continued use, silver develops an even more delightful sheen to it.
For added encouragement, our experts have outlined a few, simple tips to keep your silverware clean and well preserved.

Dishwasher Safety

A common misconception regarding silver maintenance is that it can’t be cleaned in a dishwasher. Using an appropriate soap, silver is perfectly safe in the dishwasher. Keep in mind to avoid mixing in stainless steel flatware in the same wash. An electrolytic action will discolor metals where they are in contact. For this reason, it’s important to avoid washing silver knives in the dishwasher as their blades are often stainless and can cause an unwanted reaction (as well as dull the blade).

Silver Polishing Services at Trefler’s

We are pleased to offer full silver polishing services, in addition to restoration, for any unwanted rust, discoloration and erosion. Rest assured your family heirlooms, as well as contemporary silver place settings, can be maintained effortlessly with our help.

Storing your Silver Correctly

It is important to always be sure to fully dry silver immediately after washing. Residual moisture can lead to water spots and rusting, which if left untreated can erode the metals and cause permanent damage to your flatware and serving pieces.

written by Nikki Stracka
Photo Credits: Remodelista

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