Decorative Arts & Metals Repair and Restoration

Decorative Arts & Metals Restoration

Trefler’s has spent many years perfecting the art of repairing decorative pieces made of porcelain, ceramics, and glass. We also work with a variety of metals including: silver, pewter, brass, bronze and copper. In fact, our art and metal restoration experts can even reverse damage caused by years of neglect. Our decorative arts conservators have close to 100 years of experience learning the proprietary art restoration techniques developed by Eric Trefler over 60 years ago in Boston, MA.
Over time, decorative arts & metals can show their age with rust, water spots, and other blemishes. Trefler’s provides all of the services that you need to keep your decorative arts & metals in top condition so they look their best no matter how long you have them.
Some of the popular art and metal restoration services we offer include:

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