Furniture Reupholstery Stripping and Refinishing

When Do You Need to Reupholster Your Furniture?

Nothing says “home” like having a comfortable couch or loveseat waiting for me after a long day of work. More than just the comfort they provide, however, the furniture we choose to have in our homes is an extension of our style and personality, adding character to rooms and improving the overall decor.

I’ve noticed, however, that as time passes on, some furniture pieces age better than others, leaving me to wonder when it’s time for an upgrade. For other people, the need to repair or replace their furniture is much more apparent, such as after a flood in the home or physical signs of damage to the piece. Still, with the amount of time we spend shopping for new furniture and choosing the right style and comfort that works for us, wouldn’t it make more sense to find a way to sustain the life of what we currently have?

Here are four questions to ask yourself when considering if furniture reupholstery and restoration is the right course of action.

Why Should You Consider Reupholstering Your Furniture?

Furniture reupholstery can be a great economical solution to preserving and revitalizing your current couches, loveseats, dining chairs, etc. Other than the structural benefits of being able to restrengthen cushions and armrests, reupholstery gives you the advantage of changing fabrics and the overall look of the piece to meet the changing styles of your home. For me, the ability to preserve antique furniture piece passed down from generation to generation is one of the main reasons why I choose to use an upholstery service rather than shopping for a new piece. If done correctly, reupholstery can add years of life to your furniture without sacrificing its comfort or structural integrity.

When is it a Good Time to Reupholster?

For me, the time to reupholster my furniture is relatively apparent. Physical damage to the fabrics by pets or after continuous use are the most common reasons why I choose to start repairs. However, there may be some other not-so-obvious reasons why you may want to think about reupholstering. For example, if you’ve recently experienced minor floods or roof leaks that affected your furniture, physical signs of damage might not always be noticeable. However, damp couches or chairs can be prone to mold, and in many cases, reupholstery is the best option.

Are DIY Furniture Repairs a Good Idea?

DIY furniture repairs may be a good way to get a little more life out of your furniture pieces, but when working with fabrics, it’s not always a good idea. While I know of many universal repair kits sold in stores to repair rips and other forms of damage, it’s important to note that most of these repair kits will leave visible signs of the repair site and may not last over time. When repairing certain upholstery fabrics, you’ll also need to understand the dangers of cinching fabrics too tightly and ensure you’re using the right type of needle and thread you use. Not using the right tools for the restoration job can cause small issues to spread and add considerable costs to your furniture repairs.

Why Consider Using Reupholstery Services?

Reupholstery services typically offer the best value for the money spent on furniture repairs. Professional reupholstery and repair companies can improve the structural integrity of your furniture and restore it as close as possible to its original aesthetic. Through the use of their reupholstery services, you’re able to get thorough consultations on the type recommended repairs you need and how to best move forward with the repairs.

Trefler’s is a furniture restoration company in Newton, MA that has the experience necessary to handle all of your furniture repair and reupholstery services. Their full-service workshop provides different services to customers with a variety of custom furnishing and fabrication needs. Call 617-965-3388 or contact them today for a private consultation with one of their resident designers.

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