The Art of Framing

From now through the end of October, Trefler’s is extending a 15% discount on your next custom framing project.


Trefler’s custom frame studio is open for socially-distanced consultations, by appointment. Our custom frame studio is an invaluable asset to our full range of restoration and conservation services, one which we are proud to have on-site to guide clients through what can otherwise be a daunting task.  With the collaboration and assistance of our framing specialists, creating the right custom frame, display case, or plinth is a simple and enjoyable process.

Why Framing Matters

The benefits of framing are first and foremost protective. A widely understood example is selecting an appropriate UV-blocking glass or Plexi, which will prevent light damage to an artwork. But framing also serves as quite literally a frame to highlight or accentuate a piece.

Whether fabricating a display plinth to showcase a 17th Century ceramic vessel, or a custom box to preserve an antique manuscript, there are countless examples of how tailored display methods both enhance and protect your artwork, and a seasoned framer learns the nuances of key details which can elevate a simple frame job, to a work of art in of itself.

Building a Relationship with Your Framer

Trefler’s is proud to have the combined expertise of Bernard Murphy and Dina Shaposhnikova, who have over 25 years of experience in custom framing for fine and decorative arts.

Dina’s personal perspective on framing is one that is informed by her background in the arts. Having graduated with a B.A. of Illustration from Massachusetts College of Art and Design in 2010, she is trained on all details that elevate a custom frame job.

“I gravitated towards framing because it can be very creative, fun and educational working alongside other artists and designers. I love creating new frames and seeing how it can change the perception and effect of certain artwork on the viewer or the room environment.” – Dina 

Superior Vendors

Trefler’s is honored to work with some of the finest vendors for custom frame fabrication in the United States. Learn more about our trusted sources below. 

AMCI  and C&J Framing

Larson Juhl


Picture Woods


Restoring Antique Frames

Trefler’s is able to structurally and cosmetically restore giltwood frames on-site, bringing sheen and luster back to antique frames with flaking gold leaf, or insecure backings.Our restorers also encourage re-finishing, to create a contemporary look while making use of a family heirloom.

All Under One Roof

In the event that you are embarking on a framing project as the result of environmental damage from flooding or fire, Trefler’s framing studio can work in concert with your insurance to ensure a seamless experience.



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15% discount applied to one full-priced framing project, through the end of October, 2020. Exclusions may apply



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