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Professional Restoration of Your Antique Figurines

Many east coast homes have a Hummel figurine on their shelf. This traditional piece was often a treasured part of home decor, passed on from generation to generation. Like many keepsakes, Hummel figurines may be fragile, however, so those heirlooms may in fact end up in pieces after transport or moving.

Even with the best care, art collectibles usually degrade, so they have less vibrant colors and are more prone to chipping and breakage. Thankfully, it is possible to restore your antique figurines to preserve their value and connection to the past.

What is a Hummel Figurine?

Hummel figurines are named for Sister Berta Hummel, a German nun, whose original sketches inspired the scenes of children. The Goebel Company produced the figures in Germany in the 1930s and they first appeared in the US in 1935. As the story goes, GIs brought Hummels back home from their time in Germany, and that’s how they became a staple in many American households.

Common Causes of Figurine Breaking

The original Hummel figurines were hand-painted ceramics. Because they were frequently on display, they could fall or break. Improper storage and handling could lead to fading, chips and cracks. Indeed, figurines made of fragile materials — ceramic, glass and crystal included — are all vulnerable to wear and breakage that ruins the integrity of the piece. The good news is that all of these items can be restored to their original beauty.

Is DIY Repair a Good Idea?

Because of the fragility of Hummels and other porcelain figurines, restoration is a delicate process. Professional ceramic and porcelain art restorers can match the type of paint and glaze used on the original item. They can also use the right adhesive and filler material to repair broken pieces and recreate missing elements. This is detail-oriented work, but the results are worth it when you can proudly display an item that now looks like new.

At Trefler’s, for example, we use a special epoxy to seal cracks and repair breaks in glass figurines. This adds strength to the finished piece, making it not only aesthetically pleasing but durable. Our chip grinding service gives you the opportunity to preserve your crystal glassware, restoring it to perfection so it can remain a part of your dining set for years to come.

Although a DIY Hummel figurine repair is tempting, it’s the experts who know best how to repair Hummel figurines. If a DIY restoration isn’t perfect, it can be even more difficult for a professional to fix. At Trefler’s, we offer a free estimate of the cost of restoration, whether it’s a simple repair, structural repair or collector’s repair. We charge on the basis of time it takes our staff to complete the work, not on the value of your piece.

Why Hire Trefler’s?

Trefler’s specializes in fine art restoration and handling. We have an experienced staff who have the expertise necessary to take care of your fine art collectibles. Taking care of our client’s art is the core of our business, so we treat each piece with the utmost care and attention. That dedication is evident by the many testimonials our past clients have been kind enough to share with us and that we have posted on our website.

The team at Trefler’s works on many well-known fine art brands, including Hummel porcelain figurines, Lladro and Swarovski crystal pieces. You can review a list on our website of some of the treasured brands we service and contact us for more information.

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