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Expert Vintage Lamp Repair and Restoration in Boston

For many homeowners, antique lamps are a treasured part of home decor. They bring a distinct style and personality to living areas. They are antiques that have been passed down from earlier generations, requiring care and careful maintenance.

We know that if a customer wants a lamp restored, that lamp either costs a lot of money, or has some sentimental value attached to it. Here at Trefler’s, we have the knowledge and the professionalism to keep these precious pieces working well, so their beauty is magnificently preserved.

DIY Lamp Restoration: Is it a Good Idea?

When you care about your antique chandeliers or lamps, it’s difficult to trust a service to complete a proper restoration. Some may even attempt to do repairs on their own in order to manage the process and save money. But in many cases, DIY lamp or chandelier restoration leads to more issues.

Because most lamps use electricity, doing a rewiring on your own may actually be a dangerous feat. That’s why it’s good to get a professional lamp restorer’s help when dealing with restoration items. Trefler’s, which is located in Massachusetts, has the expertise to handle the delicate work of fixing and restoring antique lamps to its peak state.

What are the Common Lamp Problems?

Because of the variety of styles and functionality, there are many things that could go wrong with antique lamps. As they age, they naturally tend to lose some of their exterior luster and shine. Components like the wires, sockets, arms and delicate parts will wear.

Here’s a short list of the kind of work that we here at Trefler’s can complete on any lamps you may have.:

  • Plug replacement
  • Socket replacement
  • Lamp rewiring
  • Switch replacement
  • Parts repair
  • Broken arm repair and replacement
  • New chains or decorative elements

Many families might choose to recycle or give away old or broken light fixtures. But lamp repair and restoration is a better option, especially when you consider the replacement value of an antique lamp. It can be easier than you think to hold on to those treasured items instead of replacing them.

Full-Service Lamp and Chandelier Repairs

Trefler’s is a full-service art, furniture, lamp and chandelier restoration service. We take our antique lamp restoration projects seriously enough to be empathetic and efficient with our services. Our staff are knowledgeable individuals who fix, clean, restore and update lamps of all kinds.

In addition to working on antique pieces, we also fix modern light fixtures as well. Regardless of the style or age of the lamp, we approach it with the same measure of care and attention that’s invaluable to our customers.

Why Hire Us? Who we are? Why trust us?

Owned and operated by the Trefler family for almost 100 years, we’ve mixed traditional practices with modern technological repair and restoration practices. Founded in 1921, our founder Abraham Trefler, started this service in Germany. Abraham’s son continued the family business by expanding to a new location on Beacon Street in 1950.

As a valued member of the Boston business community, Trefler’s has long stood for quality and dedication for service. Trefler’s is one of the oldest and largest restoration companies in America. We handle any residential or corporate restoration project, big or small. Your desire to preserve the precious things in your life is our top priority.

To learn more about our antique lamp, old lighting, and chandelier repair and restoration services, feel free to contact us today.

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