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Custom Framing: All You Need to Know

If you’ve recently invested in a piece of artwork or perhaps created one yourself, you’re probably wondering about the best way to display and protect that composition over time.

For some people, framing and mounting their artwork is an afterthought that usually doesn’t get too much consideration when it comes to aesthetics and quality. However, custom frames can breathe new life into your artwork, complimenting its features while keeping it protected for many years.

What Is Custom Framing?

When framing their artwork, some people make their way to the local crafts store and try and find a pre-made shell that will fit their piece. The problem with this method is that most store-bought frames are not ideally suited for the artwork they are supporting, whether it’s improper sizing, poor quality or lack of visual impact. At Trefler’s, our approach to framing is very different.

With more than 20 years of design and production experience, our artisans will build you a custom framing solution for your paper, canvas, or textile artwork that is truly unique. Rather than choosing a bland pre-made frame, we work with companies like C & J Frames, Roma Molding, and Picture Woods, to allow you to select fully customizable framing, designs, and hardwood moldings for your artwork. These frame designs are then sized perfectly to match the dimensions of your artwork while ensuring your art is properly situated and protected.

Why Should You Consider Custom Framing?

Custom framing can bring many benefits to a recently purchased piece of artwork. First off, a custom-designed frame can add an elaborate or subtle outline to the article that genuinely accentuates its beauty. This type of design work isn’t found in local crafts stores and requires a personalized service that we can provide at Trefler’s.

However, it’s not just the aesthetic of the frame that we focus on, but also its quality and ability to protect the piece that it’s supporting. At Trefler’s, we work with Tru Vue® to provide museum quality materials like UV-filtering glass to ensure your artwork stays safeguarded for many years. Tru Vue®’s acrylic products effectively block up to 99 percent of harmful UV light rays, ensuring your artwork maintains its integrity over time.

How Much Does Custom Framing Cost?

Just like no two pieces of art are the same, no custom framing solution is the same either. Due to this fact, there are no fixed costs associated with a custom framing project at Trefler’s. However, because of a large number of available options of display cases, mounts, and raw hardwoods, we have custom framing solutions that fit any project and budget, large or small.

Typically, custom framing can take anywhere from 2-4 weeks for smaller projects and 6-8 weeks for larger, more complex ones. However, if you provide us with details of the custom framing solution you’re looking for, we’ll get back to you within 48-hours with expected lead-times and the costs associated.

Why Should You Hire a Custom Framing Service?

In many cases, do-it-yourself framing jobs can be time-consuming and potentially be damaging to your artwork. This issue is especially the case when working with delicate fabric paintings that require unique frame mounting specifications and sizes. When you think about the value of your artwork, investing in its sustainability should be an essential consideration. That’s why hiring a custom framing service makes sense for many artwork enthusiasts.

At Trefler’s, our experienced and dedicated staff members hold just as much value in your artwork as you do. With more than 20 years in the custom framing industry, Trefler’s deploys century-old techniques to create and restore the most beautiful and unique frames in all shapes and sizes.

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