Display cases for your precious art, artifacts, and collectibles

Display Cases for Precious Antique Art, Artifacts, and Collectibles

Whether you want to showcase a one-of-a-kind piece of art, a unique museum object, a family heirloom, or any other special item, it’s important that the display case is created with care and detail in mind.

Unfortunately, many art storage and display cases contain chemicals that can cause corrosion or general deterioration. They are not designed to enhance the object being displayed and in many cases, intrude.

If you are looking for a customizable art object display case, here are some examples for you to draw inspiration from.

4 Art Object Cases That Will Inspire Your Next Display

The following four display cases emphasize the object and overall design without being intrusive. A lot of care and detail went into creating these antique art display cases in order to highlight each precious object.

1. Carved Stone Pipe

Carved Stone Pipe

In order to showcase the intricate detail associated with this stone pipe, a stunning display was created that provides a 360-degree view. The clear acrylic mounts were selected in order to make it seem as though the pipe is almost weightless. The wood coloration also contrasts beautifully with the stone without taking away from the pipe, as it remains the central focus.

Prior to being displayed in this manner, this stone pipe was also repaired. Multiple breaks were filled and colored to match the original piece of work. This level of antique art restoration not only makes the object look its best but will also ensure greater longevity.

2. Terracotta Horse Head

Terracotta Horse Head

Terracotta is essentially “baked earth” made from clay-based ceramic. This beautiful statue of a horse’s head has been mounted on a beveled maple dias. The custom art display showcases the head itself, complementing its unique shape.

The free-standing design highlights the piece of work, allowing for a more thoughtful viewing experience. In this case, repairs were also made in order to fix the ear, seal cracks, and touch up the work itself.

3. Etruscan Bronze Bracelet

Etruscan Bronze Bracelet

The Etruscans are known for their bronze goods. Once again, this bronze bracelet is displayed in a case that was to specifically showcase this unique of work. The clear acrylic mount allows the bracelet to be the main feature and the removable top makes the piece more accessible. Standing on an ebonized walnut base, the bracelet itself pops while remaining protected.

4. Etruscan Bronze Figurine

Etruscan Bronze Figurine

Known for their bronze figurines, the Etruscans would offer such pieces at sanctuaries and other sacred sites. The display for this figurine ensures that the piece itself remains the main focal point.

However, the walnut base itself also compliments the piece, offering a stunning way to preserve the object. Best of all, no drilling or adhesives were used to place this piece, preserving the figurine for many years to come.

The Trefler’s Difference

Since 1921, the Trefler family has offered a wide range of art and antique restoration, fine art, framing, and upholstery, and photography services. In regards to display cases, we offer completely customizable art object display cases — which may be made out of cherry, mahogany, walnut, oak, or maple. Custom colors, finishes, and LED lighting are also available.

Experienced with various materials, including metal, porcelain, and glass, we can restore items before creating the perfect antique art display case based on the individual item’s characteristics and features.

Offering fully customizable art object display cases that are available for both pick-up and delivery, we will help you preserve and showcase your most prized possessions and items.

Looking to restore an art item or order a custom art display case that is as unique as the piece you’d like to showcase? If so, please contact us today!


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