Do you have a favorite chair that sags in the middle? Are you re-doing your dining room but the seats on the chair are the wrong color? Did your dog tear up the fabric on your living room couch?

Not only can Trefler’s take care of any damage to the woodwork, we can also work with you on getting the upholstery done as well. Trefler’s is thrilled to have partnered with Partners in Design, a local business located in Newton that specializes in all manner of upholstery services. Partners is a long-established, ‘to the trade only’ upholstery workshop that is not open to consumers, but works hand-in-hand with us, so give us a call if you have a project in mind!  Once the work is commissioned, we will set up a personal fabric consult for you free of charge.

A great way to get the ball rolling is to e-mail some pictures of the furniture you would like to have us work on.  You can send images to David Manzi, President at and we will get back to you within 48 hours with a quote.