What Our Customers Has To Say About Our Art Restoration Work - Trefler

I will be eternally grateful for your work on my parent's crystal chandelier. You handled the job with patience, wisdom and excellence -- your craftsmanship Is unmatched! Thank you for restoring her to her original beauty. Gratefully yours as ever

Mary Louise H.

January, 2017

Congratulations! You have done some great work on some small things I treasure. I have great affection for you as a resource! I can't attend, but I wanted to send this message to tell you, hopefully without seeming overly dramatic, that Trefler's has brought me happiness by letting me keep some very important objects in my life. As they say, "you've dusted off your seat in Heaven". It's not only about business and money and value; it's about helping people redeem some of the smaller losses in life. It's a comfort. Hope you go another 95 years. Tradition and continuity is a rare and beautiful thing these days.

Nina H.

August, 2016

I enjoy the newsletter.  I am so thankful for the service at Treflers as several items of mine have been restored there.  I hope it will always be around to fix items that are valuable to people.

Kathryn B.

July, 2016

The chest was just delivered and it looks absolutely stunning in my room. The depth of color comes through beautifully in the natural light of the room. You were able to create such richness of color and exactly what I was hoping for with the finish. Many thanks for your exceptional work!

Karen K.

April, 2016

The parrots are amazing! I can’t see a mark on them. I did not believe it possible. Thank you so much.

Caroline G.

January, 2016

WOW! I literally can not tell that it was ever broken. Thank you – that’s all I can say. It’s reassuring to know that such artisans and restorers like your company exist.

Robert R.

December, 2015

We were so delighted by our repair that we moved our desk to a new location so all of our visitors can see it!  Thank you, again.

Judy A.

Newton, Ma November 2013

Sadly, I met the Trefler & Sons crew due to a teeny tiny accident that left a Waterford goblet with immeasurable sentimental value chipped. Rebecca, David, and Paul (all VPs) took the time to reach out and help me from the time I contacted them for a quote until they time they received my package. What I think I appreciate most is that Rebecca took the time to personally email me to let me know that the cost to repair the goblet is more than the cost of a new one.  She then pointed me to the exact pattern I could search for and order...  I was astounded. I think it says a lot about a company that they would point you in a direction that may take business away from them in the name of doing the right thing. Of course, I sent the glass in because of the sentimental value- so I opted to have it repaired. Hopefully, I won't have to do business with them again (because it means I will have ruined another family heirloom).  However, if the need arises, I definitely will.

John M.

Los Angeles, CA September 2013

Your company is  “one of a kind” providing a rare service – that of fixing broken, damaged treasures, whether it’s a precious antique or, as in my case, it’s a contemporary glass top table that had a large chip on the corner of the glass.  In this “disposable culture” it’s surprising to find artists  who have the talent to repair and restore damaged items. Laura Sheehan, a Trefler artist, worked her magic on my table.  I am so pleased with the results!  Thank you David and Laura!  Please don’t ever stop providing this valuable service!

Carol B.

Boston, October 2013

Just a quick note to thank you for restoring our furniture.  Everything came out beautifully.  Please pass my thanks along to the people who actually did the work.  They are truly masters of this craft.  Thanks again.


Boston, MA August 2013

We have the marble table back safe and all is well. We are pleased that you were able to do what you did to make the damage stable and remarkably smooth, given the difficult issues you described. Although you can tell that something is there, it really is minimized and we feel that this is a vast improvement. Your service, communication, and follow-through have been exemplary. We greatly appreciate it!

Robert B.

Newton, MA August 2013

Thank you once again for such efficient, professional work. I really appreciate it!

Anne L.

Belmont, MA August 2013

Jeanne P.

Belmont, MA July 2013

I brought an antique table with a marble top for repair which had suffered water and other negligent abuses over the 60 years since I had remembered it being in the bedroom I slept in at my grandmother's house as a very young girl. I am thrilled to see the complete restoration to beauty which I believe I can truly remember through the lens of my 8 year old self so many decades ago. Once again, as I have done many times in the past, I entrusted Trefler with a piece of my treasured family history.

Dottie D.

Wellesley, MA June 2013

I AM FREAKING OUT I'M SOOOO HAPPY!!!!!!!! Right now all I can talk about is your company and what you did. I can't believe what you have done! I moved to Boston almost 30 years ago with my treasured Chinese Chest, made in the 1700's by barely survived, well it didn't survive the 15 subsequent moves I made...then I found Trefler! What they did to repair something that honestly I can't tell you how special this piece is to me, was remarkable! In the mecca of fabulous medical care, Trefler gives all new meaning to a face/body lift! THANK YOU!!!!!!! (Client email after receiving back a family piece that had seen many better days before it got to us...we're so happy that you're so happy, Lisa!) Wooden Chest Restoration

Lisa F.

Needham, MA June 2013

I just picked up my repaired chair...I had to look to see where the 'fix' was. These folks are so professional- repairing furniture- repairing memories. Thanks to all!

Re G.

Boston, MA May 2013

You guys are my heroes! I'm coming back with more pieces in need of rescue that I've been holding on to for 30 years, before I move to the other end of the country...

Tracy S.

Boston, MA May 2013

The repair work on my (transit damaged) furniture is absolutely perfect- it really is just museum quality repair work. Thank you!

Ellen B.

Hingham MA, May 2013

Dear miracle workers, Thank you for the impressive magic magic you worked on our cracked bowl. The repair is so invisible that my only fear is that the bowl will be subjected to the dishwasher's heat, by someone who never knew the bowl was mended. It is a treasured object, freighted with family history and personal memories. I am delighted to have it restored to useable condition. Yours very truly, Anne

Anne C. M.

Princeton, MA March 2013

Trefler is a fantastic company with unbelievable craftsman.  Two years ago I had an antique table, Chinese loveseat and a rose quartz lamp restored -- you would NEVER know they were ever damaged!

Christina T.M.

Boston, MA, January 2013

Dear David, it has been nearly 2 years since we returned to our home after the house fire. We lost everything except just a few things we stubbornly refused to heap into the dumpsters. One of those items was a glorious buffet which I had little faith could be restored...but along came Trefler & Sons! We can not thank you enough for the amazing work you did on this antique buffet. Each and every time I walk past it and see how rich and lovely the wood is... it makes me smile. In addition, I have to sing your praises for being one of the very few service providers that made such a difficult process easier rather than harder. With gratitude,


Winchester MA, December 2012

What an amazing job the restoration team at Trefler did on our antique blackamoore statue. It looks beautiful! When I brought it in, the torch was leaning forward and the statue itself was in need of some touch up and surface cleaning. The restoration team straightened the torch out and then meticulously painted and cleaned the surface with amazing detail and care. I am now unable to tell that any repair work was done on this piece. Truly, the Trefler team does amazing work! Thank you.

Chris E.

Boston MA, December 2012

Craig- I think you are a miracle worker! This looks better than I expected. Thank you!


Newton MA, November 2012

I am so very pleased with the wonderful repair you did on my Herend platter. I cannot even see where it was broken.

Marlene L.

Massachusetts, November 2012

A friend encouraged me to take my forty-year old silver to Trefler’s to be polished after she picked up her own newly-polished things. I was a little hesitant and skeptical, but the idea of polishing everything for the holidays was daunting. I cannot believe how beautiful my things look- better than new! Dents and dings removed, and everything sparkles. The difference between ‘before’ and ‘after’ is truly amazing. I would recommend Trefler’s to anyone (and everyone I know)!

Carolyn F.

Wellesley MA, October 2012

I wanted to let you know the table you folks refinished looks phenomenal. Your team does exceptional work and the attention to detail is impressive. The table looks better than I would have even imagined. Craig and his team did a masterful job!


Massachusetts, October 2012

The delivery guys just left and I have to tell you how beautiful everything looks. In fact, when they unwrapped the plaques and paintings, I started to cry. And my desk, what can I say? It looks brand new! After the fire, I never thought the items would look this good ever again. Please tell all the people who did such great restoration work how much John and I appreciate their efforts. It is truly an art and their efforts are not lost on us. With much appreciation,


Boston MA, September 2012

My Lladro arrived today and it looks beautiful. I cannot see where there was any break at all. I am very happy. Thank you to all involved in the repair and especially to you for all the phone conversations and explaining the procedure.


Goucester MA, September 2012

The plate and the mug arrived safely. I am speechless at how well the smashed plate looks; it is impossible for me to tell where it was broken. The mug as well. My thanks to your restorers for an amazing restoration.


Cape Cod MA, August 2012

I always feel extremely confident when I come in with any piece to fix. I know for a fact that Trefler will take care of it, fix it, and deliver it exactly when they say they will. The moment I walk in the door there is usually someone to help answer my questions right away. They explain, take the time, and give my 'broken' pieces all their attention. The feeling I love when I come to Trefler is knowing that YES they will fix it to perfection. They have the know-how and more importantly, the years of experience. This is the place my husband's family has come for generations!

Razan Brooker

Interior Touches, August 2012

Love Trefler's- they have fixed EVERYTHING that has been chipped, banged, broken or spilled upon!

Sharyn F.

August 2012

Love the company. They did a lot of work for me a number of years ago including repairing a wonderful oil painting which allowed us to discover who the subject was and when and who painted it. Trefler also took that painting when they were half finished with it to the Rhode Island Antique Show. It now hangs above the mantel in the living room and we traced it to an artist from Philadelphia who painted a full length portrait of the President William Henry Harrison in the mid 1800’s. I also might add that Trefler also repaired some antique English dessert plates so I can enjoy using them for guests. We had purchased them in London and foolishly packed them in luggage to bring back and cracked about four of them. One of the things that I remember also back those many years ago was an open house that Treflers ran that permitted the guests to see all the different departments at work. It was a wonderful opportunity to see the breadth of work that is done there.

Eleanor Samuels

Abbott Interiors, July 2012

Dear Dave, Thanks so much for the refinishing of my grandmother’s chest. It looks quite beautiful and is really nice in the livingroom of our apartment. Dennis appreciated your stain tips and I will be “Oz’ing” all my wood pieces! Happy Summer!!

Suzanne Sax

July 2012

As an interior designer that integrates antiques and collectibles into my residential designs, I first discovered Trefler & Sons over 25 years ago when I brought them a chipped and cracked 19th century English porcelain plate to repair. They were courteous, friendly and very helpful in explaining how the repairs would be made, what the results would be depending on the professional level of repair I chose, and clear on the length of time it would take to repair it as well as the cost. I had no doubts they could do the work and do it well, but by glancing around I could see that others had equal confidence in them, as they brought them objects that had sentimental or intrinsic value or both. Needless to say, that first repair was followed by many others -- from porcelain, glass, furniture, pictures frames and more. Every repair was done beautifully and carefully. I have happily recommended their services to friends, clients and even antique dealers without hesitation. It is rare to find a company that exceeds its promises. My only regret is that having moved from the Boston area, I now have to mail them my treasures for repair and don’t get to visit in person.

Candace Petre Humphreys

October 2010

I had worked with Trefler & Sons several times over the previous years, and decided to bring them a dresser that had great sentimental value. The dresser was in tough shape, and Trefler really exceeded my expectations with the finished product. Trefler made it extremely easy to work directly with the front office staff and the conservator working on my project. I would highly recommend; Trefler is a company which focuses on primarily on quality and customer satisfaction.

Jack Morse

November 2010

There is so much I like about Trefler. The high standard in the work they do, ease of communication, the friendly atmosphere and professionalism are what make it an ideal place for me to do business. A number of family heirlooms have recently come my way, and we have always “planned” to restore them. I resolved to make “someday” into “now”, and I couldn’t be happier with the results I’ve gotten from Trefler.

Martha Kim

July 2009