Porcelain & Ceramics

Trefler’s has spent many years perfecting the art of porcelain and ceramic repair. Our decorative arts conservators have a combined 30 years of experience learning the proprietary techniques developed by Eric Trefler over 60 years ago.

We have several different levels of repair available, allowing you to choose which restoration is right for you. Don’t have all your pieces?  That’s not a problem for us— many times we can create the areas that are missing.

Repair Only

Just what it says: we will securely put all the pieces back together for you. This level of repair does not include any additional decorative work.

Structural Repair

On this level, we secure all the pieces together, fill and/or create any missing areas or chips, and seal any cracks. We then mix paints from our own pigments and hand paint the area to blend the repair and make it less noticeable. It is a very strong repair, and works well for items that you intend to use on a daily basis. Items should not be used in either a microwave or dishwasher. This repair is visible to the naked eye.

Collector’s Repair

This is the level of repair where Trefler’s reputation really shines.  Once a structural repair is completed, we can do additional fill and polishing of the repair to make it completely smooth. We then use our own customized glazes and airbrushing techniques to exactly re-create the look of the original piece. When you choose this level of repair, it will be returned to you nearly perfect!

Each repair is highly unique.  Come sit down with us and we will be happy to review all your options and help you decide which repair is right for you.

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