Paintings & Picture Frames Restoration, Conservation Services

Does your oil painting need cleaning?  Is it torn or scratched? Is the paint flaking? Do you need a high-quality frame restoration? Trefler's provides superior restoration services to make your treasured art pieces shine again.


Trefler’s talented painting conservator, with more than 27 years of experience, can restore your painting back to the original condition with no risk of damage to the piece. We can work with paintings on canvas, wood, leather or glass and we specialize in restoring and preserving reverse paintings on glass. Our extensive restoration options include:

  • Cleaning on all mediums- we will restore the painting back to the original intent of the artist
  • Stabilization of flaking paint
  • Repair all scratches, tears and/or holes
  • In-painting where necessary
  • Sealing, repair and in-painting on reverse paintings on glass
  • Lining the original canvas with fine Belgian linen and conservation-grade waxes to stabilize the painting to ensure the life of the piece is greatly lengthened


Trefler’s has provided the highest-quality frame restoration to our clients for over 80 years. There are many options available when it comes to frames, and our conservator will work closely with you to ensure the overall look you are seeking is achieved. Regardless of medium, we can bring your frame back to its original luster, or maintain  or modify the current patina.  It’s your choice!

We can fabricate missing pieces, re-apply gold leaf where it has worn away, and stabilize the entire structure. Once completed, it will be ready to be enjoyed for generations to come. Give us a call or visit the studio for a free quote.

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