Candace Petre Humphreys

As an interior designer that integrates antiques and collectibles into my residential designs, I first discovered Trefler & Sons over 25 years ago when I brought them a chipped and cracked 19th century English porcelain plate to repair. They were courteous, friendly and very helpful in explaining how the repairs would be made, what the results would be depending on the professional level of repair I chose, and clear on the length of time it would take to repair it as well as the cost. I had no doubts they could do the work and do it well, but by glancing around I could see that others had equal confidence in them, as they brought them objects that had sentimental or intrinsic value or both. Needless to say, that first repair was followed by many others — from porcelain, glass, furniture, pictures frames and more. Every repair was done beautifully and carefully. I have happily recommended their services to friends, clients and even antique dealers without hesitation. It is rare to find a company that exceeds its promises. My only regret is that having moved from the Boston area, I now have to mail them my treasures for repair and don’t get to visit in person.

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