Mail-In Service for Art Restoration, Repair and Conservation

Do you have a piece that needs work but aren’t able to visit our studio? Trefler regularly receives items from all over the world looking for restoration, so go ahead and ship it to us. However, before you do, please read the instructions and information below for helpful tips that can save you money.

Where do I begin?

The best thing to do before shipping an item is to e-mail us a picture of the piece. If you can, take a few pictures from different angles. along with your contact information and a description of the damage. Other helpful information to send to us: the number of broken pieces, the number of missing pieces (if applicable), material(s) your piece is made from and all dimensions. We will be able to give you a rough repair estimate and the address to ship your piece to.

Our mail-in policy

There are a few things to keep in mind when you ship an item. Trefler’s will always quote on an item in the condition it’s in when it is received at the studio. It is not uncommon for items to break further during shipment. Something that leaves your house in 3 pieces may turn into 5 or more once it reaches us. Please pack your piece as securely as possible to minimize any further damage during transit, or consider having it professionally packed, shipped and insured against further damage during transit.

Return Shipping & Insurance

Whether you commission the work or not, there is a fee to ship the item back to you. If your piece is very large, heavy or delicate, we will have to get a customized quote from our packaging service before sending the piece back to you.

Please feel free to call the studio at +1-617-965-3388 if you have any questions!