Art, Furniture, Painting Conservation and Restoration Company

Trefler's has been owned and operated by the Trefler family since 1921. It all began in Germany, when Abraham Trefler began a small business for himself building and restoring furniture.

Abraham’s son, Eric, was one of the few survivors of the camps in Poland and Germany during WWII. Upon his liberation, he left Europe for New York, and finally settled in Boston, MA. After spending some time working as a furniture restorer for the antique dealers on Beacon Street, he opened his own business. Using the expertise he learned from his father back in Germany, he quickly became renowned for his uncanny ability to restore almost any kind of art object.

Today, Trefler’s is still owned by the Trefler family.  We expertly mix century-old techniques with modern restoration technology to create some of the best repairs in the world. No project is too big or too small for us to work our magic. Come take a tour of the studio and see what we can do to preserve your family’s heritage.

My very best,

David Manzi