Eleanor Samuels

Love the company. They did a lot of work for me a number of years ago including repairing a wonderful oil painting which allowed us to discover who the subject was and when and who painted it. Trefler also took that painting when they were half finished with it to the Rhode Island Antique Show. It now hangs above the mantel in the living room and we traced it to an artist from Philadelphia who painted a full length portrait of the President William Henry Harrison in the mid 1800’s. I also might add that Trefler also repaired some antique English dessert plates so I can enjoy using them for guests. We had purchased them in London and foolishly packed them in luggage to bring back and cracked about four of them.

One of the things that I remember also back those many years ago was an open house that Treflers ran that permitted the guests to see all the different departments at work. It was a wonderful opportunity to see the breadth of work that is done there.

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